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Practical questions related to the combination of Wärtsilä's share series and the free share issue

I hold Wärtsilä’s A shares – what actions are required from me?
No action is required from the shareholders in relation to the combination of the share series and/or the directed free share issue.

I own A-shares but the amount can’t be divided with 9 – will I loose all my shares?
In combining the Company’s share series each Series A-share will be converted 1:1 into a share corresponding to the current Series B-share. For your 9 current A-shares (WRTAV) you would get 9 WRT1V shares. In addition holders of Series A-shares would receive one share free of charge for each nine Series A-shares. To the extent the number of Series A-shares held by the holder of Series A-shares is not divisible by nine (9), the shareholder is entitled to the monetary value of the fraction divisible by nine.

If I hold 15 A shares will the shares exceeding 9 be sold and I will not get any new shares for those?
No they will not be sold. Each Series A-share will be converted 1:1 into WRT1V-shares. In addition, these same 15 Series A-shares entitle the shareholder to additional shares so that 9 of these shares directly entitle the shareholder to one additional share. However, out of the original 15 Series A-shares, 6 shares are “left over” because they are not divisible by 9 and thus, 6/9 is the fraction of an additional share that will be sold on behalf of the shareholder and of which the shareholder receives monetary compensation. All in all, a shareholder of 15 Series A-shares receives 16 shares (15+1) and 6/9 of the value of one additional share in cash.

If I hold 8 A-shares – will they all be sold and I will not get any new shares?
No they will not be sold. You will receive 8 WRT1V- shares and 8/9 of the value of one additional share in cash.

When will I get the new shares?
The converted shares and the new shares issued in the directed share issue are on the shareholders’ book-entry accounts and tradable on the Helsinki Stock Exchange on the 27 of March 2008.

How much money will I get from the fraction of one A-share?
The fraction shares are sold in public trading on the Helsinki Stock Exchange the price of them being the prevailing trading price. The value of one fraction is defined by the total value of the trade, divided by the amount of fractions.

When will I receive the money from the sales of the fraction shares?
The amounts payable will be remitted to each shareholder approximately on 2 April 2008 in which case the money will arrive to the shareholder’s bank account attached to their book-entry accounts approximately on 7 April, 2008, at the latest.

How will the fraction shares be treated in taxation?
Taxation of the transfer of shares may vary according to the shareholder. However, as a rule, the capital gain resulting from the sale of the Fraction Shares is taxable income. Shareholders are advised to consult their tax advisor regarding their taxation in this respect.

Am I entitled to the extra shares if I buy A-shares after the AGM on 19 March 2008?
Any new Series A-shares acquired after 19 March 2008 will not entitle to new shares issued in the directed free share issue.

What does record date mean?
New shares are issued to the holders of Series A-shares in proportion to their ownership on the Record Date 26 March 2008.

What happens if I have A-shares in several different book-entry accounts?
Whether the number of the shareholder’s Series A-shares is divisible by nine is checked and taken into account only per each separate book-entry account. In other words, shareholdings divided into several separate book-entry accounts can’t be technically combined in connection with the directed free share issue. Please see below also.

What should I do so that my A-share holdings in different book-entry accounts would be treated as one holding?
In order to treat A-share holdings in different book-entry accounts as one holding the holder should himself see to it that all A-shares are registered in the same book-entry account at the record date 26 march 2008. In order to ensure this the shareholder should immediately contact his bank.

When can I trade with Wärtsilä’s new WRT1V-share?
The trading starts on the 27 March 2008. Until 26 March 2008 all “old” shares are tradable with old trading codes.

What is the share’s trading code?
The trading code for Wärtsilä’s shares will be WRT1V. s

Which rights do the new shares carry?
From 26 March 2008 each share has one vote and equal rights to dividend . All shares carry equal rights.

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